Sunday, 14 February 2016

Movie Reviews

I've mentioned on my blog before that I have never really been a movie person but for the past month or so , I've started to appreciate the stories that are short and snappy but still have an emotional impact on you! Blogging has recently began to feel like a chore so I'm going to mix it up a bit and start to talk about more than just books. Most of my posts will still be book related but there will be posts about other stuff I'm interested in. 

In this post , I'm going to discuss some of the movies I've seen recently and what I thought of them! You may notice a pattern in the casts of the movies but I'm an actor binge watcher and proud! 

Tobey Maguire , Kirsten Dunst , Willem Dafoe

When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he eventually must use to fight evil as a superhero after tragedy befalls his family.

I decided to start with the movie that doesn't fit in with the others. I watched this movie because it was the only DVD we had and I actually quite liked it. I've seen the new Spider-Man movies but I'm not a big super hero fan. I thought that this movie was easy to follow and hilarious at times! I gave it 3.5/5 stars!

Jack O'Connell , Domhnall Gleeson , Miyavi 

After a near-fatal plane crash in WWII, Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days in a raft with two fellow crewmen before he's caught by the Japanese navy and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp.
I honestly adored this movie! Combine WWII with fabulous actors and it's bound to be amazing. This movie was raw and realistic which makes it so terrifying and intriguing. I don't know why I only heard about this movie last month because it deserves so much hype. I gave it 5/5 stars!

About Time
Domhnall Gleeson , Rachel McAdams , Bill Nighy.

At the age of 21, Tim discovers he can travel in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out not to be as easy as you might think.
My thoughts throughout this movie were "I don't want this to end!" which rarely happens to me. It was such a cute movie , it makes you feel unbelievably happy and has a really great message. The characters are so unique and hilarious but pulled at your heart strings at times. I can't recommend this movie enough! 

Ex Machina 
Alicia Vikander , Domhnall Gleeson , Oscar Isaac

A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a breath-taking humanoid A.I.
I didn't expect to like this movie as I'm not the biggest sci-fi fan but there was more focus on the characters than on the science in this movie. The concept is exciting and terrifying and I never really knew who's side I was on. The amazing thing (Well , one of them!) about this movie is the fact that there are only 3 speaking characters and yet...It works! The cinematography is beautiful and it keeps you on the edge of your seat! I gave it 5/5 stars. 

Saoirse Ronan , Domhnall Gleeson , Emory Cohen 

An Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.
It's one thing if a movie is set in the past but if it's set in the past about Ireland , I'm sold at the first glance. I think anyone feels a more personal connection when it's their own history but I won't go into that too much! I loved how this movie flowed and you could feel √Čilis' pain and joy throughout. I'll admit that I was a bit annoyed at the ending but I'm a bit biased! I'm also reading the book and I'm loving it!I gave it 4/5 stars!

Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think? Do you have any recommendations? 

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