Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The DNF | Discussion

One term that I've always felt a bit weird about is the DNF. It stands for 'Did not finish' as in you started a book but stopped reading it before the end for whatever reason. I like to give a book a chance but when does that chance become too much? Am I wasting my time with a book if I just want it to be over already? The thing is , there are too many books that I would love in the world to read in my lifetime! There are some books that I might've loved in 2013 but if I picked it up now , I would hate it because our reading taste is constantly changing just as we are , so it really is a ticking time bomb to try and read as many great books as you can! So are the bad books worth it , or should be give them a chance to be the great books?

I have DNF'd books in the past because of my mood at the time. The widely dreaded 'reading slump' , 'book hangover' or whatever term you have for that time when your love for reading is just not at it's highest. This usually happens to me after reading a big series or if I'm distracted with something like a TV show *bows head in shame*. It happens to everyone and it's really , really annoying!  You want to read but you just can't push yourself to do so. What about the unfortunate books that you are reading at the time of your reading slump? Should you push on or try to reread a book that you love? Honestly , I can't read on! I want to be happy reading as soon as I can and the book will just have to either wait or add to my ever growing guilt.

Another controversial topics when it comes to DNFing books is ARCs. When you receive a book from the publisher for free to review , I  feel that I am obligated to read it but what happens when the book is not what's expected and you just don't click with it? I've seen most publishers say that it's okay and that they understand that every book won't be for you but it makes me feel that I've failed them. I know that the smart thing to do is to stop reading if I really don't like it and email the publishers to explain that but I find it difficult to take my own advice on this one.

I mentioned it earlier but the worst , worst , worst thing about DNFing books is the guilt and disappointment that I feel after doing so. If a book is hyped up , I want to love it and sometimes it can be scary to say that you didn't! I need to remind myself that everyone appreciates respectful honesty.

All in all , I do DNF books and most of the time , I don't feel very guilty. Sometimes , I say that I'll pick it up some other time and who knows , maybe I will! At the end of the day , I love to read but I know that I won't love every book that I read and sometimes I find it easier to put the book down rather than rant about why I disliked it.

What are your opinions? I'd love to discuss this in the comments!


  1. I'm glad I came across your post on this topic. I have my first DNF book from an Author. I read about 10 chapters, but it really wasn't for me, so I stopped. I have written a very short review on my thoughts on what I read so far and why I DNF. But its the guilt and feeling bad because the Author gave me this book. I don't know whether to email the link to the Author because I do feel bad that I didn't like it, or not??? It shouldn't be surprising that we don't enjoy every book we get given, but it is such a disappointment, for the book and the awkward situation!

    1. I wouldn't send it to the author just out of respect! It's such an awkward situation but usually I just say that it wasn't for me in my review or wrap up and leave it at that! Thanks for visiting my blog :)