Tuesday, 25 August 2015

BLOG TOUR : Awakening by Rebel Miller | Review

Genre: New Adult , Romance , Science Fiction
Publication Date: June 15th
Publisher: Rebel Miller Books
Format: eGalley
Source: Meraki Book Tours
Rating: ✰✰✰✰
Kira Metallurgist has always felt she was meant for more. Hoping to strike out on her own, she sets out on a new career at a time when world goes through unprecedented change. In a system that is based on castes and predetermined position, Kira embarks on a tumultuous journey that leads her toward a destiny that involves two men who call to her heart in different, yet powerful ways.

Tai Corporal was born to a family of warriors. Like his father, he aspires to take on the highest military position in the Realm. A man of his word and with a stubborn sense of duty, he is surprised to find that all in the Realm is not as black and white as he thought. He’s even more surprised to realize that the woman he’s loved for years is the one who reveals it to him.

Gannon Consul knows the meaning of power. As next in line for leadership in his caste, he is well acquainted with the lengths to which the Realm will go to stop someone from reaching above their station. Gannon senses that change is coming. He just never expected that it would come in the form of the one woman who calls to him like no other.

For mature audiences.
Includes committed relationships with multiple partners.
Kira Metallurgist has been in love with her brothers best friend Tai for years when she finds out that he has feelings for her as well but refuses to act on said feelings. Kira is not the type of person who lets one rejection ruin her life and meets Gannon , the future leader of her caste who she is obviously attracted to. As these relationship dramas proceed , Kira is facing the biggest challenge of all , her new job. She throws everything into her work but with a society that is restless , her career might end up doing more harm than good.
The reason I wanted to read this book was a)the cover and b) the fact that it was a New Adult novel in a genre that wasn't contemporary. Despite the fact that the main reason it was NA not YA was the relationships , it was refreshing to see that with a more dramatic backdrop. I'm not a science fiction person but I loved this book! The writing was wonderful and the characters were well developed and interesting.
Kira has clear goals and won't let any of the people in her life tell her what to do. She is headstrong and stubborn but also rational while making decisions. She doesn't do things to spite anyone , she does it for the benefit of either herself and the realm. Most of the time , I loved Kira...Most of the time. This brings me onto the elephant in the room , the love triangle that is clearly stated in the blurb. Tai and Gannon seemed pretty similar to me at the start , both powerful , arrogant men and I thought that Tai was the better choice for Kira. Tai refuses to act on his feelings for Kira as he thinks that an occupation with him would lead her to danger but he never gave her the choice and that irritated me. Gannon on the other hand , surprised me in his charming ways and how he loved Kira's stubbornness , where as Tai dreaded it. Kira is in love with Tai but she still pursued a relationship with Gannon and as his feelings progressed , it felt to me that she was leading him on.  I hope that Kira realises that Tai is not the one she should choose (can you guess who I ship?) and grows up a little bit in that sense in the rest of the series.

There were a lot of side characters and subplots that I hope we get to explore in the next book but for me the most intriguing part of this book was the world. It's set in a world where there are inhabitants on many planets and the way they worked or in this case , didn't work together was incredibly interesting. I loved that the main characters are all involved with the law so we got to see a lot of the politics! There were a few...odd things about the world but I'm sure I'll come to accept them as the norm in the future.

Overall , I really enjoyed this book and I'm thrilled that I signed up for the tour , otherwise I might not have read it! I'd definitely recommend this book as I looked forward to picking it up every time and never felt bored. It's an impressive first book to what seems to be a promising series!


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  2. This sounds really interesting! :D I remember reading the synopsis for it--will be adding it to my to-read list! (I feel like I'd ship the same character as you! :P )

    1. Yay! It's a great read. Hahaha I don't understand how you couldn't , but that's just biased :)