Thursday, 2 July 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo Update #1

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun! If you have no idea what I'm talking about , click here.
In this post I'll be telling you how my writings going , telling you what my stories about and showing yous an extract!

So first of all , I'm doing really well! I've spent the last two days writing a lot because I know that I'll miss a few days this month. My current word count is 10654 out of 50,000 so unless things go downhill from here I think I have a good chance at finishing my first draft! I know that I won't be writing as much from now on but a good start is half of the battle!

Here is the synopsis to my story that is currently called "The Apprentice".

Princess Adira Galinfus II was 11 years old when her palace was attacked by rebels. Maeve , her maid saved her life and took her to a village outside of Oyam , full of surviving mages and gandraoichts from the attacks. No one knew the royal children when most of them were killed so Adira can live safely for six years. She was prepared to go a mage family as their apprentice the following September but the small village is attacked and Maeve dies to save her. Adira is convinced that she was saved for a reason because no one else was saved from either of the attacks. A powerful mage family , The Hargraves take her in early and she sees this as an opportunity to find answers.
Adira doesn't want revenge or justice , she just wants to find out if there's a chance that she could have a normal life. However , she doesn't consider the likelihood of growing to care for the Hargraves and is terrified that she'll lose them like she has lost everyone else. As Adira learns more about her secretive past , she learns things about her future that she probably would've been better off without.

This is not definite and might change but here is an extract from the first draft that introduces you to a few of our main characters.

Then we moved onto the bit I was most nervous about...The real deal. Actual , physical magic. Fabir placed a cup of water on front of the three of us and I silently cursed whoever thought it was a good idea to have the almost fully trained mages watch the apprentice.
"So , all you have to do is picture the water that from the cup , in your hand. Think of how it would feel and how it would slip from your fingers then picture the water coming from your palms and flying as far as you can push it," Fabir told me. "Don't worry about aim , we don't mind a bit of water! I know it's hard and you're nervous but no one will judge you , we all have to start somewhere." He contiued with an encouraging smile. I looked at Liam , yeah definately no judgment there.
"Liam, you can start." Liam smiled smugly as he quickly sent the water up in the air and back into the cup with a twirl that was most definately for show.
"Arrogant much?" I raised an eyebrow at him.
"Not at all." Liam smiled back , somehow even smugger than before.

Now you all now what I'm writing about. Any thoughts? Comment them if you feel like doing so! Would you like more extracts or information on the characters? Or maybe it's terrible but oh well , I'm enjoying myself!

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